1. People see you 20% more attractive than you think you are, according to a study.
  2. When talking to someone, use their name; this will make them like you more.
  3. Severe depression can cause us to age faster; this is by increasing the aging process in cells.
  4. The way you dress is linked to your mood; changing your wardrobe to nicer clothes makes you more unlikely to suffer from depression.
  5. An ant’s sense of smell is greater than that of a dog.
  6. Study shows being dumped causes frustration attraction; that’s why many people still hold on to the ex that dumped them.
  7. If a person speaks less, and when they speak, they speak fast and straight to the point, they are more likely to keep secrets.
  8. If you are always worried what other people will think, you will never be happy.
  9. When trying to convince someone something, make sure they are seated and you are standing; this will help you convince them fast enough.
  10. Bananas contain a chemical that naturally helps make someone happy; this is the same chemical found in Prozac.

Someone asked about the validity of number 1… Let me explain.. You see how when you look in the mirror your left hand is your right and vice versa… This also applies on your face: your right side will be your left and this is the view you will be seeing and other people looking at you will be seeing the actual view. So they’ll be seeing the best view that you never actually get to see.

Above is a photo of one of my models I’ll use to demonstrate.

To me the original photo has the model looking far much prettier than the mirrored; the face features look more well-positioned in the first image. Most phone cameras automatically mirror your pics e.g. iPhones. That’s why you see you look good before or when taking the “selfies” but when you go to the gallery to check them out you find you like only one.