Without a doubt, the single greatest asset I have in my business is the email autoresponder software I use.

Without it I would simply not have achieved a fraction of what I have built.

You absolutely will not grow a online business without ‘The List’ which I talked about last time…

And to build ‘The List’ you will need software … and this month I’m going to give you access to an autoresponder script I’ve used to great effect.

As I keep saying, this is no ordinary club. I’m drawing a blueprint to online success AND supplying the tools to complete the structure.

So far in various Wealthness articles I have covered the things you need to get started if you’re a beginner and added in a load of stuff for the more advanced traders.

However, you should all now understand that to get anywhere on the net you’ll need to be able to build a website of your own. You will either be selling your own product or promoting your affiliate products.

Whatever business model you choose you’ll need to be collecting names and contact details of visitors and buyers in order to ‘follow up’ with other offers and promotions.

I used to use pop ups and pop unders on my websites to achieve this but thanks to abuse (again!) by The World of Scum, blockers have now put a stop to that. A pop up/under would be seen when entering or leaving a site and a new browser would open with an advertising message.

Pop ups were annoying to some people but by heck they worked. You may still see them if you turn your blocker off. The real problems started to occur when idiots began putting pop up code in the pop up, so every time you left a site or closed a browser down another one would open, and eventually they’d take you to the inevitable porn site.

It got worse when they then started putting redirect code into the pop ups so multiple adverts would appear automatically and you couldn’t stop them. These people are so moronic that they couldn’t see that getting someone locked into and ‘advertising loop’ and crashing their computers would just piss people off!

FOrtunately programmers are now getting round the blockers and much of the new veneration of code is unblockable at present. The beauty of it is that it drops the advertising message into the site just once and if people don’t want to see it they simply close the window. Cookies (tracking code) ensure that the drop in is not shown again during a visit to a website.

I collect literally hundreds of names a day using drop ins and if you’re marketing anything via a website (which you should be by now!) YOU NEED TO BE COLLECTING NAMES… and more importantly following up.

View a Drop in It will trigger when you leave the site. You’ll have seen them across the web. I prefer to use triggers on exit. When I go to a site I want the information I have searched for. A pop up is simply a distraction and interruption. At that point I don’t even know that there is any value in what they offer. On exit, that visitor is leaving, they are also more informed on the quality of information you offer.

You’ll see that the drop in asks you to sign up – there is a form to fill in. When you submit your details the autoresponder software will enter the information into a database and send out a personalized thank you e-mail.

The autoresponder can then AUTOMATICALLY send out ‘follow up’ emails at regular intervals. The beauty is that because these are personalized emails the customer thinks they are getting a very fast response from a real person. The system only has to be set up one time and then simply let it run on autopilot. You’ll be collecting names day and night from the visiting traffic. You are also able to e-mail the entire database with occasional offers.

The software can even be set up to send out scheduled follow ups. The guy who runs my advertising now has done so well this year that he’s decided to go on holiday to Australia for a month … disaster you might think!

Surely this means that I’m going to have to organise it all whilst he’s away sunning himself (you just can’t get the staff these days eh!). Not at all. You see, before he left, he loaded up the advertising for the whole month and simply scheduled it to go out at particular intervals throughout the month. Amazing!

You don’t even have to be in the office to run an Internet business, talk about personal freedom – what other business offers this opportunity? No staff if you choose and the computers run the whole operation, you just check your account occasionally to ensure it’s filling up nicely!

Autoresponders are key to running this. Without them you’d have to sit and manually reply to every sale, you’d have to sit and send out e-mails to people on your list – but life would be a little easier as you wouldn’t have much of a list because you’d have no software collecting the names!

In tests I have found that it can take up to seven exposures to your product to convert a visitor into a buyer and by simply following up I can increase sales of that particular product by up to 100% – much after that and they really aren’t going to be persuaded to buy so I change the promotion and message.

If the autoresponder is following up a visitor that didn’t buy I will send out a series of personalized messages, with something of interest, a course or newsletter, and add in special offers etc designed to turn the visitor into a friend and that friend into a buyer.

Once I’ve achieved the goal of making a sale I then use the autoresponder to ‘Up sell’. The lifetime value of a customer is many, many more times that of the initial purchase providing you supply good customer support and excellent product.

Many marketers are totally blinkered – they make the sale and think that’s it, they move on to find another customer.

It is many times harder to convert a visitor into a buyer than to look after an existing client and upsell.

You can either offer products of your own or those you are affiliated with. I mix in both as I only have a limited number of my own products and to make ongoing profits I search out excellent merchandise with generous affiliate pay outs, THAT ARE TARGETED TOWARDS THE TYPE OF CLIENTS I HAVE.

One of my favorite sources for affiliate merchandise is Clickbank. You’ll find great products with good pay outs. We even contact the authors of the most popular products in an attempt to get a joint venture.

Now Clickbank have a system of sorting out the top selling books, it’s called the gravity. You can’t really search the database other than by going through each page manually and looking through each website so most marketers rely on the gravity reading.

In essence, the higher the gravity the higher the product will rise up the pages of Clickbank products so that the top selling items are on the first page. However, there is a major flaw in the system.

There are many great products further down the rankings but here’s a classic catch 22. The authors may have a great product but they aren’t able to market, they have no list – fewer sales mean a lower gravity. If you go through the products you may find an inferior product at the top with a high gravity but this is because the author has access to good marketing.

They promote the products through Clickbank and they sell well and because they sell, they get a higher gravity. A higher gravity means that more of Clickbank’s affiliates will promote it and on it goes.

I have several products at the top of sections in Clickbank and I use exactly the system described above to get there. We launch a new product through Clickbank, get lots of sales, it rises up their rankings and more sales are made because the affiliates are promoting them.

And we get great joint venture deals with great products from Clickbank because we have something to offer the authors – exposure – and we make good money because the products are great that we promote.

All this has been made possible because I’ve built lists using the autoresponder.

Now at this point I often get the: “oh yes, it’s alright for you, you’ve got the lists!”

I regularly read Jim Daniels newsletter and it appears I’m not alone here in being dismissed because I have big lists! He’s recommended a particular software TrafficSwarm as a vehicle to attaining visitors to a website – He’s absolutely right in his recommendations. I use the all the time, in fact I’m one of their biggest clients and we have done several joint ventures with them in the past.

“A Peek into my Email”

By Jim Daniels

"A Peek into my Email"

From: Kathy G.
Subject: Jim Daniels Come on Jim, you can’t be serious.

Jim, I saw your recommendation for TrafficSwarm and I think it is a crock. Come on, you know that will not work for everyone. The only reason it works for you is because you have such a large subscriber base. Why don’t you come clean and tell people that. It’s all about the list online. All you gurus have big opt-in lists and that’s why you make a lot of money. But for the average Jane like me, things like this are a waste of time.

Jim replies…

Thanks for your feedback. You’ve brought up a great point! An opt-in list IS a great way to grow business online. And that’s exactly why I’ve worked hard to grow one – because it is a proven business strategy. In fact, did you ever stop to think that all the “gurus” you refer to are gurus BECAUSE they took time to grow a solid opt-in list?

As to TrafficSwarm you are right — it will not work for everyone. In fact, in my six years online I have not found a single strategy, opportunity or bit of advice that works for everyone. But I can say this, TrafficSwarm has worked for me and I’ve heard from many others who are having success with it as well. It’s a no-cost way to get traffic and that’s what many of my readers are searching for. If I were to give a disclaimer that says this probably will not work for you, do you think anyone would try it? Doubtful.

In closing, instead of ‘labeling’ yourself as an “average Jane”, why not start growing a list of your own. Heck, I was an “average Jim” a few years back and now you’re calling ME a guru. I’m not trying to be a wise guy here Jane, but I want you to see that anyone, including you, CAN grow an opt-in list of your own. But you have to concentrate your efforts on actually doing it rather than complaining about it not happening. There are proven ways to grow a solid opt-in list [see next message] and if you take a little time to learn a strategy, you’ll be surprised how many doors it opens.

Wise words!

If you’re relatively new to the net you’ve most probably already encountered autoresponders without being aware of it. You’ve probably bought something … how many times have you received a follow-up e-mail with an offer to purchase something else?

Maybe the follow up wasn’t expected and if not well written you may have considered it spam. The fact is that follow up offers are golden nuggets for any business. They continue to produce bundles of profits for months and even years after the initial purchase.

“Any business not offering up sells through follow ups is not a smart business!

So what exactly is an ‘Upsell?’

Let’s look at an example:

In our Smart Connect Digital Business Cards site (notice the ‘drop in’ advert which we’ll go into in a minute) we sell an amazing product connecting businesses to their customers.

But, we also offer a service whereby one of our staff will create custom QR codes and designs for business cards. This is the ‘upsell’ we are looking for.

We make good money from the product but far more from the service and we use the autoresponder to handle the upsell to promote the service.

So, you must be asking, “why not just sell the service from the beginning?”

By offering products or services AFTER the initial sale gives you a way of pre-qualifying your customers. Once they’ve made that initial purchase, you know that customer is a BUYER; someone who is interested in spending money on your niche, so you’d be stark, staring mad not to offer more products THEY OBVIOUSLY WANT!’

What works best really depends on the product and the niche.

I have found that some of the BEST up sells are services that are related to the product s then there’s consulting services, coaching services, or training services.

These are the perfect up sells if you promote a service or product that has ‘added value’ to the initial purchase. If you can offer to consult, coach, or train someone about the information product or software they just bought, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Think From Your Customer’s Viewpoint!

What can you supply that will enhance their buying experience?

Try creating an INCENTIVE for people to buy through your affiliate ID on the affiliate web site you’ve built. In your follow ups offer an irresistible free product or service for those who buy from your link.

Often you don’t get access to your buyers details as an affiliate so by offering a free bonus if they supply their receipt will ensure you build your own list of buyers.

This strategy will increase your CONVERSION rate exponentially as more people will buy other products in your portfolio – and all because you offered a free bonus. By building a list this way you’ll be in the perfect position to follow up with them – and eventually upsell them.

As I just said, often the problem with promoting affiliate links is that you never get to see the buyer’s information so this is just one of the reasons you need an affiliate site that collects details and builds The list’. Collect the names and through your autoresponder systems offer the free gift or bonus. Make sure it’s something cool, unique, fun, or irresistible.

The Most Effective Follow Up Techniques

The Most Effective Follow Up Techniques

Rule #1 Don’t try to sell them!

“So if I’m not selling them, how the hell am I going to up sell?”

Here’s how – Contact them to give them something for free be it the newsletter, a course, or a simple bonus.

If you want to see how I do it just go to the portfolio and visit each site, pop in your details and you’ll receive personalized follow ups. It’ll give you a great idea as to the scope and versatility of how to get the most from autoresponders. The software I use is so powerful it controls literally millions of emails and follow ups across all the sites from one simple control panel.

How to follow up with a free bonus …

Generally, I try to make these e-mail contacts short – five lines should do it.

I simply ask them to download a free report that’s waiting for them to enjoy.

I set a link on the ‘landing page’ (the site they land on after clicking your link in the email) to download the free report but also include another article or promotion to a paid for product, ensuring there’s no hard sales pitch!

This is a nice way to get sales from the free product but the point of the free products is to generate yet more sales.

When offering a free report or bonus I won’t send sales letters or ads. I will send them links to VALUABLE free goods. And remember, if you can’t sell it you can’t give it away – so ensure your freebie is of inherent value. The giveaway can be anything from a buyer’s guide, user’s guide, manual, case study, white paper, recipes, workout plan, lesson plan, craft project, word puzzle, coloring pages, to an audio interview.

The freebies are your lead into a sale and further down the line, the upsell and ongoing income.

The Viral Freebie

Your freebie is specifically designed to somehow promote a service or product of yours. THAT’S where you do the selling. And even then, you keep it under control.

If you take a look at the course I give away at Government Auctions you’ll see that it’s set up in the autoresponder to go out weekly after the initial sign up. The course is really comprehensive and has ‘actual, inerrant’ value, but I also try to push the Government Auctions sites and products, subtly within the course.

I try to let the free products do the selling and my attitude is that if you’re freebie is an excellent product in itself then psychologically you are saying, “look, if the freebie is this good just imagine how much better the paid stuff is!”

This free course gets people buying, once they’ve bought I collect their names in a different part of the autoresponder, a new buyer’s list. Here, set to go at regular intervals, are a series of up sell e-mails. I may follow up for twelve months with a mixture of more freebies and sales adverts.

It is this relentless list building and tailoring the follow ups to suit the target audience that ensures my business keeps building. And it’s all handled by one beautifully simple admin area.

Now here’s some 24 carat advice…

Treat those lists as if they were pure gold dust!

Here’s another great example from Jim Daniels on how not to build lists, and illustrates just how valuable a good one is and the consequences of trying to circumnavigate the solid business strategies I’m giving you!

There are always short cuts, I see them every day, but rarely take them. Most short cuts are simply fast roads right back to the beginning! Take them and you’ll generally end back at square #1. I told you right at the beginning of this journey that my business is built on sound business practice, systems and methods that have their routes firmly embedded in the real world.

Internet tricks and games simply do not work in the long term – you are far more sensible if you spend your valuable time and resources simply ‘doing the job properly’.

Why was my strategy such a mistake?

Jim, I’m new to Internet marketing and recently I bought an email harvesting program. I was told I could use it to collect email addresses from the web, and since the program only grabbed targeted addresses, I could email them without problems with my ISP. Three days after I started using it I was shut off without notice by my ISP AND web host. I scrambled to get new services and then lost them a few days later because of some overflow complaints from the previous mailing.

From all that, I got zero sales and many nasty responses. Worse yet, the company I bought the program from isn’t writing back when I’m asking for answers. So, now that I’ve lost all that time and money, with nothing to show for it, I need ideas. Can you help me understand what happened and where to go from here?

Jim replies…

Ouch. That’s a hard lesson learned, but a valuable one. I too learned that lesson within my first few months online. Hopefully your letter will help many more avoid this mistake. In fact, you’re lucky it didn’t cost you more. Many others have lost far more using that web marketing strategy.

The simple fact is, when marketing online, your best bet is to send email ONLY to folks who ask for it. While that may sound like a slow road to success, it is one that is proven.

Here’s how you can do that…

Write down all you know about your niche. Think of all the ways you can help people with your expertise. Then assemble the information into a small ebook or email course. Offer it for free at your website in exchange for a visitors email. Make sure you tell them you will never sell or rent their address to any third party, and that you will send only messages that will be beneficial to them.

That is how you grow your own opt-in list. And as long as you handle the list properly and do not abuse it, it will continue to grow. And it will become a source of income for you before you know it. You’ll be able to offer related products and services to your list members through joint ventures and perhaps even sell some advertising. The key once again, is to treat the list members as you would want to be treated. Offer only valuable, occasional information that informs and enlightens. Sure, some folks will drop off the list no matter what, but if you do it right, the list will grow in the right direction.

Wise words again, but Jim forgot to tell the poor guy that the lists are handled through autoresponders – collect the details and treasure the resource you build.

And remember this when you begin to market to your lists:

People don’t like receiving advertising messages – period!

"People don't like receiving advertising messages - period!"

BUT, they will put up with them if they are relevant, targeted and above all occasional. We e-mail our lists twice a week only. This way they stay responsive and people respect us for that.

We could advertise more often and initially we would see a much higher, weekly return but this would soon tail off as people take us off their white lists (accepted email sources) or send us to the junk bin.

I know marketers with huge lists who “hit them hard”. I’ve done contra mailings with people whose lists number literally in the millions of names and quite frankly, the response is not what I’m used to.

It took me a while to understand why these huge databases were so lackluster in their take up. I discovered the answer when I put my name into their systems … I was bombarded day after day, with a barrage of unrelated, hard sell advertising. I realised that most of the products were not owned by the list owners and they generally were not advertising their own affiliate links.

I worked out their business model and what I found perplexed me. They had placed, or I should say ‘misplaced’, far too much importance on the revenue made from selling advertising space.

People would pay reasonable sums to get their message out to a large opt-in audience. (Opt in means the client has given their permission to the list owner to mail them, often without their knowledge! They forgot to tick a box or something when making a purchase. But Opt in it the important thing to remember and when you’re building your lists, try to make it as clear as possible that they going to receive an occasional contact from you – there’s no point in building a large list of people who have no desire to hear from you).

My advice to you once you’ve built a list is this: Do not sell untargeted or inappropriate advertising or allow others to use your lists to get their message out.

You may be tempted to sell advertising space but I RARELY DO THIS.

If you look across the portfolio of sites you will see advertising BUT it is either for a product that I own or am affiliated with. It’s simply not worth my while selling advertising for other people’s product. And the plain fact is that it probably wouldn’t be economically viable for an advertiser to buy a slot in my mailing schedule anyway! Unless they had a hot product.

I’ll explain. I had a guy recently, no name, who I kept in touch with. He approached me with a request to mail my lists with his free newsletter and asked for a price. Knowing that the price would blow his brains I asked him what he could do for me. Did he have a list for a contra-mailing?

He didn’t and pushed for a price so I told him $10,000 to mail out to 500,000 one time … he was shocked!

But why would I do it for anything less when I make, on average, depending on the product, more than that in a mailing … would you? (He went off in a sulk and I’ve never heard from him since – he only kept in touch for my contacts!)

And that’s the point. You may think you’re onto a winner charging $250 a slot to advertise to your lists, if and when you have them, but with the right product and targeting you’ll make far more advertising your own stuff.

And I reckon that one strategy alone is worth $1000s to you.

It was the revenue from ‘advertising’ business model that I would say was a major contributor to the dot com crash around the turn of the century!

We all know what has happened back then. However, many of us do not know why it has happened. You ask ten people and you may get ten different versions. But they are likely all versions of the same story. Essentially, there were four reasons that have caused the overwhelming majority of Internet companies to fall flat on their face:

  1. Their business plans. While often “inspiring” or “revolutionary”, they were never profitable.
  2. They spent other people’s money unchecked in an effort to gain market share as soon as possible.
  3. They had inexperienced teams whose only goal was the fastest possible growth of their company, not long term success.
  4. Their company may have made it in the end, but because of the failure of so many others their investor capital was pulled.

Now don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying there isn’t money to be had in selling advertising, there’s bucket loads, but the model has to be designed to make the most from it.

In the late 1990s large companies with even larger advertising budgets pumped even larger sums into dot com companies on a promise of boundless revenues from selling advertising space on busy sites/portals … and the rest is history!

I do sell advertising in newsletters and in mail shots but the revenue is minuscule in comparison to what I pull in from my own stuff.

Think about this also: The advertiser, if he’s got any sense, will choose to advertise with you because your target audience is closely matched to their product … so why would you want to put a ink to their site and send your customers away to a competitor for a poxy advertising payment? Why would you stop people from buying your product?

And an even more damaging effect in the long term from the ‘selling advertising space model’ is you’ll also miss out on all the ‘back end’ and up sell sales!

Selling advertising space can work in some business models for some people but I can’t think of one occasion where I’d substitute and advertising slot for and advertiser when I could be promoting my own products.

Every site I build, every business model I set up has one single objective. Advertising my products. it could be by building a list by creating a popular free site and following up, it could be by publishing a popular new system and making the upsell but rest assured, one eye is always firmly focused on that one objective.

If you were to pitch me with a great idea, it could be the next eBay, my first question to you would be: “how does it make money?”

Without revenue from advertising and other areas even the great Google would simply be a great white elephant. Very busy but totally non-profitable. Imagine the extra revenue Google could enjoy if they came up with a valid reason to collect visitor’s names and follow up!

So, build your lists using autoresponder software and look after them as if they were your first born child!

Make your products useful and valuable and you’ll not only attract more visitors to your site, you’ll sell more too!

Get the initial contact by creating the ‘hook’. A targeted freebie; digital freebies accomplish two things:

  • Your customers will appreciate the effort you’ve put in and this builds trust in your paid for services.
  • The report becomes viral. Make sure you explain that it can be given away so long as it remains intact in its entirety.

Over time, you’ll see a build up in sales and traffic as more and more people spread your report around.

The advantages are obvious, aren’t they?

  • Spam complaints are virtually eliminated. People rarely complain when all you’re doing is sending them a link for something free.
  • People begin to trust you – visitors become friends, friends become buyers, buyers buy more over time.
  • The more viral reports you get out there, the more links to your sites and ultimately customers.

The Best Way to Follow Up.

Whenever you make contact with a customer, even in the thank you e-mails, put in a plug for another free product or download. If you look at the marketing pages for any of the affiliate programmes I run you’ll see that I give you many places to put your links – even in your e-mail signature!

Get the idea?

Everything digital can be branded. Everything.

If you’re giving away a software utility, make sure you can get it branded with your URL, a clever tag line, and a link to a page on your site where you give away other free stuff.

If you’re giving away an audio interview, make sure your URL gets mentioned periodically. Or record it as a “radio show,” with brief commercials that remind them that “this program is brought to you by…”

If you’re giving away words puzzle, mazes, coloring pages, and other fun stuff, make sure every page contains your URL and a tag line or offer. One answer in the puzzle can be your URL!

If you’re giving away a screen saver, use a program that will include a clickable URL on every image.

What if I can’t get any ideas for reports?”

What if I can’t get any ideas for reports?"

Come on!

Think about the things people pass around, copy, and share in the offline world. What’s viral OFF the web? Then try to come up with a digital equivalent. What could you use in your everyday life that would make a certain chore easier?

A neat trick is to actually click on the spam you receive – what? Yes, take a look at what the spammers are selling. Often it’s a good product, it has to be for them to risk the spam!

Spammers source great product but they are simply crap at marketing and part of the lazy, bone idle, World of Scum. Why don’t they just put in a little more effort and do it properly? They’d be far richer and could sleep at night!

Take a look at their spam and try to source something of your own in a similar niche – Viagra is one of the hottest selling products of recent times!

Think about it – the Internet is a perfect selling arena – for some bizarre reason impotent men have a problem walking into the chemists and asking the sexy little sales assistant for a pill to ‘get it up!’

It may not be viable to give the actual product or a sample away as your freebie but you sure as hell can get a report or an audio giveaway knocked up that leads into a sale.

Or bundle a free sample in with the paid product.

Bundling is a fantastic way to move more product and make bigger profits. Instead of selling one widget and making $10, bundle two or three together with a discount and, or a freebie and make $15 or $25 per sale.

Don’t underestimate the power of bundling, it is used by almost every high street shop and business and is solid business technique.

If you can’t or don’t want to write the report get a ‘ghost writer’ in! “A what?” A ghost writer, i someone you employ to write reports for you.

What, you think I write everything!

I use ghost writers whenever and wherever I can – sections of System Ultra K are re-written from my notes by ghost writers for the simple reason that there is just so much stuff in here – I concentrate solely on The Omniscience Principle and try to get help on other projects.

In fact, I am beginning to outsource more and more – I write the drafts and briefs and the ghost writer will enhance and research the basic project until I am happy.

So where do you get these people?

I use Upwork and Fiverr, this is a fantastic resource. Simply place your project up for bids and within days you’ll get quality ghost writers bidding to take on your work for not a lot of money.

A word of advice here, make sure you go for the ‘select service’ as this avoids the time wasters.

When creating your project you may have to think about it, this may involve stretching your imagination and brain somewhat. You may even need to put in a modicum of hard work. But I’ll lay any odds you want that your competitors probably AREN’T doing that.

Market share often goes to the business that finds a new way to generate some ‘buzz’. Make that YOUR business!

Again, remember, if you’re running an ezine or building an opt-in list, make it worth the the reader’s time. Don’t just send them promotions and crap! Don’t even send them articles in their email anymore.

Just send them a short email every week or month with a FREE gift or guide. Ask them to pass around the guide to anyone they wish.

Do that, and it’s only a matter of time until you control that niche.

Drop Ins and Exit Pop Ups

I’ve already discussed the value of drop ins and how my business just wouldn’t run with out them. You’ll be adding drop ins to your pages to collect visitor’s details. You’ll need to develop a compelling reason for them to enter their email for instance, something of real value for free. Set up a free newsletter or send them a course of value.

The autoresponder will take care of the delivery.

When coming up with your offer remember – If you can’t sell it you can’t give it away! – Honestly, people won’t sign up for something if it’s rubbish, even if it’s free, so make sure you offer a product or service of ‘real’ value.

I have seen the use of great drop ins from some of the larger companies but the problem for me is that although eye catching they take the customer off the sales page which is a big no, no!

OK you may get their name for a follow up but I prefer the drop ins I’ve created where the subscription form actually drops in with the offer. People read the message, pop in their details and submit. It only takes a few seconds and ensures that after a short diversion they carry on with the reading.

Over hte years I’ve used all sort of scripts as the technology has evolved. These days I simply use WordPress and Divi by Elegant Themes as this takes care of everything. There’s great tutorials and support.

When looking for an autoresponder product ensure it had a multitude of features you’ll need to get the most out of your autoresponder marketing.

Now the next step, after building your site is to set up your autoresponder software.

There are free accounts out there but as I keep saying, “if you’re serious about this new life of yours, take building it seriously!”

Why you need autoresponder software:

  • You can follow up with prospects who ask for further information on your product or service and have several opportunities to hammer in the most important benefits of your product or service.
  • You can use it for a multi-part timed training course or reinforcement program.
  • You can use it to ‘Up sell’. a customer from a free service to a paid service by reminding the customer of the great additional value of the enhanced service.
  • You can deliver a series of special reports on your high priced services as a means of building credibility with your customers and prospects.
  • You can use the system as a contact manager so that you can keep in periodic touch with all your customers both while they are receiving the autoresponder sequence and afterwards.
  • You can use it to avoid buyer’s remorse by sending a series of follow-up letters reinforcing the customer’s wisdom in buying your product or service.
  • Ad Tracking can be used to find out exactly how many people are responding to a particular ad or autoresponder message that is sent out. This powerful feature works anywhere on the web. It is not limited to use just within your autoresponder letters. It can be used on websites, in classified ads, in ezines, in directory listings, etc…

And many other uses and applications. There really is no limit to the uses it can be put to in helping your business grow.

Here are just a few examples of how the autoresponder system supports a multitude of money-making and time-saving applications:

Viral marketing – Use your autoresponder as a viral marketing sales tool. Utilize the ability to give away autoresponder accounts to supercharge your income stream.

Sales tool – Use your autoresponder as a sales tool, Write multiple automated E-mail follow-ups to sell your products and services.

Mini-ads – Give autoresponder accounts away and let other people spread your mini-ad through their Emails.

Sell autoresponder accounts – With unlimited accounts, you can make money selling autoresponder accounts to others.

E-Zine and newsletter delivery – the autoresponder’s instant send feature enables you to send periodic EZines and newsletters while automatically accepting and removing registrations

Educational program – The autoresponder can provide a series of lessons on a periodic basis.

Motivational messages – Send a series of motivational messages to people in your sales organization with the autoresponder.

Admin newsletter – By sending a newsletter out to all active subscribers, looking like it comes from each autoresponder owner, The admin can get other subscribers to join the system using creative marketing letters.

Post sales confirmation – If your product isn’t an instant delivery product or is “pricey”, use the autoresponder to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Up-sell system – Feed in folks to the autoresponder who bought a basic package from you and hit them with a series of up-sell messages.

Manage your E-mail – Reply to mail from a certain person once and then never again or reply to a specific person with a specific reply. The autoresponder can manage your email lists (no limit!) and schedule one-time and periodic mailings.

Generate E-mail lists – Your autoresponder can collect emails through an on online form or directly from incoming emails, create email lists, and automatically send back a reply, too!

Autoresponder owner functions:

E-mail sign ups– Someone can subscribe to your list by simply sending an email to your list and receive the first email instantly, and be subscribed for the series.

Personalization tag inserter – When editing your messages, you can click a button and choose easily understandable words to insert personalization tags so you don’t have to remember them… Such as Subscriber First name. When chosen, it automatically inserts it into the end of the message.

HTML messages & preview – When editing your messages you can preview the html simply by clicking a checkbox on the page and see what it will look like when a subscriber views it.

Signup forms – Instantly generate one from your account with a few clicks, and put this anywhere on the web and people can subscribe to your list.

Message open stats – The Message Stats features gives you the data of all the contacts that have opened your html emails.

Ad tracking module – lets you set up an unlimited number of tracking urls that you can place in your follow-up messages or externally in classified ads you run, in discussion groups, etc.

Instant stats – find out exactly how many subscribers you received in the last 24 hours and in the last seven days every time you log onto the system.

HTML E-mail can now be sent out by setting a switch which is associated with each message allowing you to intersperse regular text E-Mails with HTML E-Mails. This allows sending either HTML style E-Mails or text style E-Mails on a per message basis.

Edit autoresponder contact info – allows you to edit your personal contact record. This allows for changes in your address, email, phone number, etc.

Re subscribe personality settings/duplicate protection – allows you to define the behavior of the system if a current active subscriber in the list tries to re subscribe, such as ignoring if they re subscribe.

Change password – Change the password.

Edit subscriber information – This function allows you to edit information about a particular subscriber. This includes their name, address, phone, fax, demographic answers, custom fields, and more.

Subscriber search – This function allows you to search for a particular subscriber. This includes their name, address, phone, fax, demographic answers, custom fields, and more. This is also found under the Edit a Subscriber menu option.

Set from E-mail parameters – This function allows you to configure how your email addresses will be structured in emails that are sent out by the system. It also allows you to set your FROM Name in the outgoing messages sent by the autoresponder. Finally, it allows you to change your signup email address to be contacted by the administrator.

Setup/Edit autoresponder message sequence – This function allows you to create your autoresponder message sequence.

Copy message template – allows the user to copy other available message series that the admin has specified as copyable.

Test message sequence – allows you to see how your messages look before you start sending them to customers. All messages are delivered to you with a single button click or you can choose individual ones. You can also test your customization variables by entering the values in the input fields provided.

Send a cold message to all active people – allows for contacting the autoresponder contact list (both active and archived emails) either demographically or to the entire list. You can contact either your active subscribers, your archived subscribers or both

Manually delete an email from the database – A simple form to allow you to delete particular emails from the list.

Manually add an email to the system – adds an email into the messaging system. After sending, it is set up for the wait period for the next message.

Delete all subscribers – deletes all subscribers from the autoresponder list after 2 confirmations.

Export – Allows for export of emails in various formats. You can export all emails, just active emails, just archived emails or run a demographic export on all emails.

Import an email list – Allows for importation of large numbers of emails in a single operation.

Set up demographics data – allows a person, through forms, to set up demographics questions and items (one per line) for a pull down menu of options for the question.

Set up appropriate headers and footers – form to set up headers and footers. Used for email messages and for any auto generated forms. This can be configured as both text and HTML so that it looks good in all emails.

Set up auto remove choices – Allows you to add a friendly message to the remove links that get generated in the emails.

Design a web based sign up form/thank you page – the sign up form is actually auto generated, based on header/footer info and default data collection info and demographic info if any. The only input field that is required is the email address which must be validated. All other fields are optional. This form can be copied and edited and posted to your domain as a standalone form if desired. Design is easy. Just select the fields you want and click a button to create it.

Email personalization settings – Allows a switch to turn on or off email personalization features. The date format specified in the CURDATE variable can also be chosen here.

Email personalization on/off – Allows a switch to turn on or off email personalization features.

Defaults used if no personalization info is available – To avoid a presentation of “dear ~~NAME~~” when no “name” exists”, we allow for default substitutions for this field so the emails being generated make logical sense.

Full personalization – You can fully customize your E-Mail with all your input fields: name, email address, phone, fax, date/future date (in US and European formats), demographics, etc. We even have 5 custom fields you can use to collect any type of data you wish on your clients and use in your emails to personalize them even more.

Customer signup setup to an autoresponder now allows you to redirect the customer to whatever “Thank You” page you want so it can be on the autoresponder owner’s domain rather than fully under the control of Money King. This helps to better control the look and feel of the customer experience.

E-Mail Flow through – a programmable switch to determine whether or not you receive a copy of the original customer sign-up E-Mail.

You never know when you’re making a memory

E-Mail reject filter – that allows the autoresponder owner to not accept E-Mail from certain domains. For instance, if the autoresponder owner did not want anyone to subscribe with a HOTMAIL account, that domain can be filtered out and not allowed.

Delete confirmation – sent whenever a customer is deleted from the database.

Password look up – Autoresponder owners can now initiate an automated password lookup on the login page that will send password details to their signup E-Mail address.

Statistics tracking that reveals when a customer removes himself from the autoresponder sequence.

E-Nightly list of undeliverables – Each night all of the emails that were undeliverable are sent to the owner.