There are things we go through
In our lives that have a major
Affect on our self-perception,
And how we perceive the world.

These are painful experiences
That are hard to let go of,
And because we have not looked
Within to acknowledge the pain,
We take on the role of victim.

We point outwards and look
For someone or something to blame
For this pain,
And this doesn’t mean you are
Weak or complaining,
It’s simply because the pain
You are suppressing has been too difficult
To confront,
But it is necessary to do so
If you want to live an
Abundant life,
The life you deserve.

When we play the role of victim
We limit ourselves.
There are so many lessons
Within each experience and
Obstacle we face in life.
It is an opportunity for us
To evolve.

Playing the role of victim
Keeps us chained to those experiences.
When we accept the pain,
And start the process of growing
From it,
We claim our power back.

Let go and set yourself free.
Focus your attention on
Your mental health,
Your healing process,
Your dreams, and
Your hopes for the future.
You are not defined by
The pain you have experienced,
It’s how you grow from it that
Truly shows the power of who you are.

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all,
Regan X