It’s a battle we fight with
Going back and forth with
The ‘What if…’
‘I want to leave my job, but what if…’
‘I would love to live _ someday,
but that’s unrealistic.’

The question is,
what if you don’t leave your job?
You will continue to be unhappy,
You will continue daydreaming
About the life you want,
Instead of living it.

The person you see living their dream
Is no better than you,
They just chose to go for it.
This is the only difference
Between you and that person
You admire and aspire to be.

Unless the place you want to
Live suddenly disappears,
Then it is realistic for you to
Make the move.
People do it every single day.

The real ‘what if’
That you should be thinking about,
Is what if I believed I could actually
Accomplish this because I am capable
Of doing so.

Unhappiness does not have to be a norm,
But we treat it like it is.
We were not born to live an
Unhappy life.

The result of believing in ourselves
And believing in our dreams is

No more ‘what if’s,’
Instead, replace it with statements

‘I want to live my dream life,
So that is exactly what I am going to do.’