“It’s impossible.”

This is fear speaking,
When we tell ourselves that
There is NO chance for success,
It makes us feel better and justified
For not going after the life we desire.
The truth is,
The life you desire is available
To you right now,
It is not out of reach,
And the day you begin to tell
Yourself that,
Is the day you will start on
Your journey to making
Your dreams a reality.

“I don’t have the time.”

You can make time for your dreams,
You can make time to build connections,
You can make time to focus on yourself,
Like with all these statements
It is a way to talk ourselves
Out of going after what we want.

“It’s too late.”

It is never too late to make changes
In your life,
To create a life that makes you
Feel fulfilled,
Do not waste another moment
Telling yourself this story.

“What if I fail?”

It is the question we ponder
Over and over again in our heads.
Every failure has the ability
To push you even closer
To your dreams for success.
There are lessons to be learned
To help you thrive.
You do not want to look back
And say you didn’t go after it,
So let today be the day
You do!

“I am not enough.”

I am not good enough, or
Smart enough to succeed.
This is the biggest lie we
Tell ourselves.
You are capable of achieving
Every dream you have in life.
Choose to believe the opposite,
And write ✍️ these statements out every day,

“It’s possible.”
“I will make time for my dreams.”
“I am manifesting everything in divine timing.”
“I will succeed!”
“I am enough.”

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all,
Regan X