Our deep fears about
Where we are going in life
Keep us from going anywhere in life.
They create a window
That we sit behind as we watch
Life pass by, daydreaming about
Envisioning the person that
We wanted to be,
The business we wanted to build,
The relationship we deserve and
So on.
But guess what?
The life that you are observing,
The one that you want,
Is the one that you are meant
To live.
It is not a figment of your imagination,
It is real,
And it is right there in front of you.
All you have to do is unlock
The window of your fears.
How do you do that?
You stop focusing out,
And start looking within.
You invest in yourself, and
Focus on setting your intentions.
Reflecting on why those fears
Are present, and how you can
Use them as a tool for success.
As you continue to do the
Internal work,
Abundance will begin to flow
Into your life,
And at one point, you will look
To the window of your fears,
The one you used to sit by watching
Life pass by,
To find that the window is
No longer there.
You are no longer a spectator
To life,
You are living it!