Meet Angus Barbieri, the then 27-year old Scottish man who fasted from food for 382 days while living only on coffee, tea, electrolyte drinks, and vitamins in 1965. Barbierbi, weighing 456 lbs at the time, checked himself into the Maryfield Hospital in Dundee, and initially the doctors planned short fasts for him; however, he decided to continue on for a while because he had adjusted well to this new lifestyle and wanted to attain his ideal weight.

He ended his fast on June 11, 1966 after reaching his preferred weight of 180 lbs, losing 276 lbs altogether. According to Wikipedia, “[A] case study found that, despite having an average blood sugar concentration of 30 mg/dL (1.7 mmol/L) during the fast (compared to an average person’s level of 80-140 mg/dL), Barbieri was able to go about his daily business and suffered no ill effects.”

If you ask me, this is an incredible feat of human will: Having the willpower to push through difficulties to attain a set goal or desire

This is Angus before and After his fast.